Head, heart and hands

Ans Mezas-Hummelink has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil as a toddler. Her own work with coloured pencils. Portraits in black and white. Stamps, in series. With head, heart and hands. Work is ‘finished’ not only when it is technically perfect; it must also convey the right feeling. A pencil no longer holds any secrets for Ans. The human being keeps surprising her. This is why she will always keep drawing. Yet, since a couple of years she embraces a new challenge. She creates jewelry out of zinc and silver. And is thus subjected to the unpredictable workings of corrosive substances on metal. She also creates jewelry out of perspex, and is thereby fascinated by the refraction of light. Curaçao is her second native land. She immediately feels like a fish in the water when she, together with her husband Brian, settles on the island in 1981. Under the tropical sun, surrounded by warmhearted people, Ans develops herself as an artist.